Bass River Properties offers assistance to landlords who either prefer and/or cannot expend their time with the “legwork” of evictions.

We assist with the preparing and serving of the Notice to Quit, the purchasing, preparing and serving of the Summary Process (document required to get court date), and the filing of both documents with the local court having jurisdiction.

We can and do assist with expediting the process to get a court date for many owners in need of exercising their rights to collect rent or have their tenants move out. In addition, we can refer owners to local legal representation as we are not lawyers and cannot represent clients in court.

Our assistance is to correctly expedite a court date, offer guidance, and share our experience and expertise assisting owners dealing with it themselves. The challenges experienced in an impending eviction are time consuming and often stressful. An eviction is the only legal remedy to force tenants to uphold their obligation.

Court House

Basic required Fees charged:

  • Service of Notice to Quit $40
  • Summary Process document $5
  • Service of Summary Process $40 to $67.50 depending on town and number of defendants
  • Filing fee $195

Bass River Properties fee $150 includes:

  • Preparation of Notice to Quit and having it formally served
  • The purchasing of the Summary Process at the local court, delivering to
  • Sheriff/Constable for formal service
  • The filing/entering of the Summary Process, Notice to Quit and $195 fee with the local court