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Fee Disclosure: The purpose of this notice is to inform prospective tenants of this office’s policy regarding the payment of a fee for assistance in finding a house, apartment or room to rent. All real estate agents are required by state regulations to provide prospective tenants with a fee disclosure form. We ask that prospective tenants review the following information.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Fee for service: Bass River Properties charges a fee for assisting you in finding a home to rent. The amount of the Brokers Fee is $100.00. All Background Check Fees collected are not refundable. The Background Check Fee is $25 per applicant. Background Check Fees will be credited toward Brokers Fee if accepted by owner.
  2. Time/Manner of Payment: You are required to pay the Brokers Fee (minus Background Check Fee paid with submitting the application) when accepted to a property.
  3. Fee if a tenancy is not created: If a tenancy is NOT created, it is the policy of this office to not require a Brokers Fee minus the cost of the non-refundable Background Check Fee paid with submission of application.
  4. You may also print the application and fill it out manually-when completed bring to office or mail with non-refundable background. Check fee as indicated on application.